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Free! Pluralsight video course: Unity 5

Learn to create destruction simulation in Unity 5

This issue, we’ve joined forces with Pluralsight to offer you a comprehensive video-training course that you can download from our online Vault – for free! 

In this course, Authoring Real-time Destruction in Unity 5, you’ll create a destruction FX system to simulate a wooden bridge collapse using rigid bodies, physics joints and particle effects, as well as writing some C code to provide art direction control that will allow you to perfectly choreograph the destruction sequence. 

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create a wide range of destruction systems, from bridges and buildings to environments and vehicles. You’ll need Unity v5.3.5 to do this fantastic video course. 

Download video package 1 here (35.9MB)

Download video package 2 here (328.4MB)

Download video package 3 here (319.7MB)

Download video package 4 here (609.8MB)

Download video package 5 here (243.9MB)

Download video package 6 here (310.8MB)

Download your materials here (22.7MB)

Showcase: various artists

See the latest CG art from around the community

Download extra images, art and step-by-step tutorials, models and video walkthroughs for this issue's reader showcase projects.

Download your files and video here (485.3MB)

Tutorial: Master the new hair tools in Houdini 16

Learn the new Hair and Fur tools in Houdini 16

Andrey Belichenko shares how to make the most of Houdini 16’s new set of tools to make fantastic-looking hair. Download the step-by-step images to follow the settings.

Download your files here (75.1MB)

Tutorial: Redshift pro tips

Improve your Redshift renders with these tips and tricks

Get up to speed with Redshift and create amazing-looking professional renders with these tips and tricks from Varomix. Download the artist's step-by-step images and follow along to the video tips and walkthroughs.

Download your files here (284.5MB)

Download your video here (1.6GB)

Tutorial: Learn Houdini 16's fluid tools

Learn to use the new Suction Fluid tool in Houdini 16

Ryan Ng reveals how Houdini 16’s new Suction Fluid tool can be used to create stunning renders of suctioned fluid. Download his step-by-step images to follow the training.

Download your files here (55.2MB)

Tutorial: Build an arch-viz environment in Unreal Engine 4

Create real-time arch-viz scenes

Jingtian Li explains his workflow for creating a rich environment for arch-viz using Unreal Engine 4. Download his step-by-step images to follow the tutorial.

Download your files here (80.1MB)

Tutorial: Speed up your creature modelling

Use Modo and Substance Painter to speed up your workflow

Piers Coe reveals how a Substance Painter and Modo pipeline can speed up your creature workflow. Download the step-by-step images.

Download your files here (28.6MB)

Tutorial: Create an eerie cinematic scene

Master a complex workflow for better results

Gustavo Åhlén shares how to composite an atmospheric scene using different CG techniques in ZBrush, 3ds Max and V-Ray. Download Gustavo's step-by-step images and complete video walkthrough.

Download your files here (18.2MB)

Download your video here (1.9GB)

Tutorial: Texturing a game model in Quixel

Learn to texture in Quixel

In the second of a two-part tutorial, Victoria Passariello shows how to create textures for an in-game model in Quixel. Download the model she uses, plus step-by-step images and video walkthroughs.

Download your files here (19.2MB)

Download video 1 here (1.9GB)

Download video 2 here (1.7GB)

Download video 3 here (2.1GB)

Download video 4 here (2.2GB)

Download video 5 here (2.4GB)

Download video 6 here (502MB)

Download video 7 here (1.2GB)

Artist Q&A: various artists

Render skin, model cloth and more

Download the hi-res step-by-step images to follow this issue's Artist Q&A tutorials covering skin rendering in Maya and Arnold, cloth sculpting in ZBrush, Marvelous Designer tips and much more. Get the videos, models and more to follow the artists' advice.

Download your files and videos here (1.1GB)

Insight: Humster3D challenge winners

Get closer to the artists' processes and workflows

Meet the Humster3D car challenge winners in issue 218 of 3D World and here, download their process art, WIPs and workflow images to get closer to the winning renders.

Download your files here (219.9MB)