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Download files for 3D World 235

To download the accompanying files for 3D World issue 235, simply click the link below each article and a zip file will automatically download the content to your Mac or PC. If you've missed this issue or other editions of 3D World, order a copy

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Tutorial: Action figure

In this tutorial you'll learn how to take your models, add articulation to them and give them a new lease of life, as poseable action figures.

Download the files here (90MB) 

Tutorial: Environments

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create amazing, realistic environmental scenes, using 3dsMax. Paul Roberts shows you his workflow and shares his tips for making believable photoreal scenes.

Download the files here (282MB) 

Tutorial: iClone vehicle motion

In this tutorial Adolf Navarro delves into iClone, to show you how to use some of the motion tools to rig and animate vehicles, ready for use in your production projects.

Download the files here (328MB) 

Tutorial: Tiny worlds

In this tutorial, from Greg Barta, you'll learn that you don't need a big studio to create virtual cinematography scenes, just the usual tools you might have as a 3D artist.

Download the files here (198MB) 

Q and A

This issue our expert panel answer your latest questions.

Download the files here (399MB) 

Rob Redman

Rob Redman is the editor of 3D World and has a background in animation, visual effects, and photography.  

As well as being a multi-instrumentalist, Rob is also an avid beard grower.