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Increase your freelance rates, negotiate a pay rise and boost your clients’ profits with our ultimate guide to money, in the brand new edition of Computer Arts, issue 262, which hits the newsstand today. 

Our special embossed cover (all the more reason to get the print edition) was designed by our very own Jo Gulliver. Check out our behind the scenes video on creating 4,000 raised dots here: 

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Animade explains its cross-disciplinary offering

Plus! We reveal how four studios increased achieved branding success for their clients, helping them bring in the cash. 

Elsewhere, discover how Finnish studio Werklig partnered with the Helsinki City Museum to put emotion at the heart of its new brand identity. 

Also inside Computer Arts 262

Surrealist shapes are being used in product and furniture design
  • Matt Jones shows how to create your very own art toys
  • Illustrator Ugo Gattoni discusses the immersive power of large-scale art
  • How to achieve balance between money and happiness
  • Three designers critique the WeTransfer rebrand
  • We explore the latest trend for surrealist shapes
  • The best new design, illustration and motion work from around the world, and much more
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Tom Manning explores the importance of discovering your goals
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Ugo Gattoni on his dreamlike, fantastical worlds
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Bienal Comunicación's identity for hammock-brand Warimba
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Matt Jones explains how to create your own resin art toys

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