This is the most beautiful vinyl player we’ve ever seen

The Brian Eno record player
(Image credit: Brian Eno)

Record players have been dipping in and out of fashion for the past couple of decades now (thank you, hipsters). But we have found a turntable that is sure to remain cool for years to come. Say hello to the Brian Eno turntable. 

This beautiful turntable was designed by Brian Eno in collaboration with the Paul Stolper Gallery. With in-built colour-changing LEDs and a minimalistic design, it's perfect for any music lover and anyone obsessed with well-designed products (that's us, then). There will only be 50 of these limited-edition turntables released out into the wild so if you fancy buying your own turntable but have missed out on the Eno design, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best record players

Eno stood over one of his turntables

The Brian Eno turntable has gone straight to the top of our Christmas list (Image credit: Brian Eno)

Eno is known for his musical innovation and became the poster boy for ambient music after being a part of Roxy Music and collaborating with a number of greats like David Bowie, Grace Jones and U2. Eno is also known for his art in the form of etchings, lenticular printings and most famously, his Lightbox art. The turntable is obviously inspired by Eno's lightboxes as both feature vibrant and hypnotic colourful lights and a box shape (see below). 

Brian Eno lightbox compared to the vinyl player

Eno's turntable looks very similar to his Lightbox art (Image credit: Brian Eno)

Eno described the lights in the turntable as, "tangible as if caught in a cloud of vapour" in an interview with Wallpaper. The artist goes on to describe sitting and "watching for ages, transfixed by this totally new experience of light as a physical presence," which makes us want the turntable even more. 

We love the look of this turntable and think it's the perfect all-in-one disco with its music player and colour-changing lights combo. Its simplistic design and mesmerising lights make it incredibly aesthetically pleasing and we would love to have it in our own home. 

It seems as though users on Twitter are just as keen on the record player as we are and many were quick to compliment the design. One user called it, "very bloody nice," and another simply tweeted, "Stunning!". One user said, "I'm not even going to ask the price nor shipping costs," and seeing as the Paul Stolper website doesn't show the price, we can only imagine that the turntables will have a pretty hefty price tag. 

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While we don't think we will be getting our hands on the Brian Eno player any time soon, we can still admire it from afar and just dream of all the records we would play on it. If you're a vinyl collector, then you might enjoy this collection of the worst album cover designs. Or if you're a musichead, then why not check out our roundup of the best noise-cancelling headphones, and treat yourself to a new pair just in time for Christmas?

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