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Best face masks UK: Where to buy one right now

Best face masks: UK
(Image credit: andresr at Getty Images)

Since 24 July in the UK, wearing a face mask in supermarkets, banks and public transport has been mandatory. After an unclear information leaking out about whether we should wear a face mask, it's now official – if you want to go out and about, it's best that you grab yourself a face mask first, or you may face a £100 fine (though kids under 11 and people with certain disabilities are exempt).

So here you'll find a range of trusted online retailers who can provide you with the exact face mask you want, delivered to your door. If you're based in the US, head over to where to buy a face mask. And if you're feeling particularly creative, check out our how to make a face mask article, which details four simple ways (two with no sewing required) to make a face mask at home.

  • Etsy – stylish face masks from just £3.99
  • ASOS – fashionable designs at low prices 
  • Adidas – pack of 3 for just £12.95, with £2 per pack donated to charity
  • Vistaprint – quality, stylish face masks for kids and adults from £13
  • – washable face masks at a bargain price
  • HYPE – get three face masks for £24.99 with 100% of profits to the NHS
  • Medisave – quality medical-grade face masks available in bulk
  • Samuel Johnston – Adult and kids' face masks for £5.99 
  • Go Outdoors – get Buff face masks, which can also be used as face coverings
  • Wowcher – A mixture of kid and adult designs at super-low prices

Where to buy a face mask in the UK

The best face mask overall | £17 from Vistaprint
When it comes to quality, comfort and fun and stylish designs, you'll be hard pushed to find better than the face masks on offer at Vistaprint. The CB team now has a selection of these, for both adults and kids, and they're the best we've tried so far. Plus, delivery is free.
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The biggest range of face mask styles | From £3 on Etsy
This range of face masks is great if you want something bespoke. There are loads of handmade options available on Etsy's UK store, plus a range of filtered face masks. Be sure to check the reviews before purchasing.
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The best budget face masks | 3 for £12.95 from Adidas
If you're on a bit of a budget, you'll be hard pushed to find a better deal than these quality Adidas face masks. Three in a pack, theses 40% recycled material designs work out at less than £4.50 a mask, with £2 from every pack being donated to charity. View Deal

The most playful kids' face masks | £12 from Wild Things
If you want your kids to wear a face mask without any drama, you should definitely check out these incredible animal designs from Wild Things over on Not On The High Street. Choose from a shark, cat, rabbit, tiger, dog and let's not forget the rainbow lion. All made from 100% cotton and suitable for children over the age of 3.
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Best face mask if you wear glasses | £20 from Wolf & Badger
If you wear glasses, you'll want a face mask that minimise the amount of lens fog, i.e. one which is contoured and has nose wire, A straps that go around your head, rather than ears, can also add comfort. This Wolf & Badger is a good option for glasses wearers, as is this multilayer toggle mask with filters on Etsy.View Deal

Stunning African Print Face Mask | £9.99 on Etsy
Beautiful and striking, these African print face masks are
double layered and made from a light, comfortable, cotton fabric. The design comes complete with two PM2.5 filters, and £1 from every purchase is donated to Black Lives Matter UK.
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The best face mask patterns | £15.99 at Prezzybox
If you're looking for a standout face mask design, look no further than Prezzybox. The great selection of animal, nature and patterned prints come complete with two filters. View Deal

The best face mask for lip reading | £10.50 from Etsy
While a face mask can help prevent the spread of germs, it's a nightmare for those dependent on lip reading. This best-selling design on Etsy includes a clear panel so the mouth is always visible.
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The best surgical face masks | 50 for £19.99 from Medisave Recommended for primary, outpatient, community and social care, these medical-grade face masks are available to order on Medisave. There's also antiviral face coverings and respirator masks available to buy too.
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The most fashionable face masks | £12 for two at ASOS
If you're looking for fashionable and affordable designs, head over to ASOS. You'll find animal print patterns as well as camouflage, baroque and slogan prints. And at just £12 for two, they're a bargain to boot!
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The best face mask multipack | 3 for £24.99 from HYPE
With this deal from HYPE, you can support keyworkers and NHS staff as well as keeping yourself covered in style. Not only do 100% of the profits go to the NHS, but for every sale, HYPE will donate a mask to the NHS, a care home or a keyworker.

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Cheap reusable face masks | From £4.99 on eBay
While we can't vouch for the quality of every face mask on eBay (and a search for 'face masks' brings up a ton of creams – add the word 'washable' to narrow it down), there are lots of cloth masks available (pictured face mask from esmeonplumisland for £4.99).

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Quality antimicrobial face masks | £5.99 from Samuel Johnson
The comfortable Noordi face masks designs for adults and children are fitted and reusable. Silver Ion antimicrobial technology stop the growth of micro-organisms and maintains hygiene. 10% off first-time orders.
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The best disposable face masks | 4 for £4.99 from Wowcher
Wowcher has a range of deals, and there are plenty of different types of face masks available. If you want a cheap, bulk order of face masks, you can get 10 disposable face masks for £3.99, and 100 for just £25.99.

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Quality Buff face coverings | £14.35 from Go Outdoors
Buff's face coverings are slightly different, with their tubular design allowing them to double as a scarf (or even a beanie) when not being used to cover the face. The great thing about these is that you can also use them for hiking or cycling. Perfect for those who'd prefer a slightly less clinical look. Sold out? Try Cotswold Outdoor.

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When and where should you wear a face mask in the UK?

Guidance on wearing a face mask in the UK up to this point has been somewhat unclear. With different regulations to many other countries, where and when UK residents should be wearing face masks seems to change on a daily basis. With that in mind, here is what we know as of 23 July 2020. 

On 15 June 2020, wearing a face mask in the UK on public transport became mandatory, with anyone not doing so liable to a fine or refusal to board. Aside from public transport, UK government guidelines for face masks state that you must wear a face mask when in a hospital, and in enclosed public spaces where social distancing isn't possible. GP surgeries across the country have also now said face masks must be worn to appointment, however none of the above has yet been made a legal requirement. 

Since then, the decision has been made to make wearing a face covering in shops and supermarkets mandatory in England from July 24, with anyone failing to comply facing a fine of up to £100.