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These Mac Pro wheels are slightly less ludicrous than Apple's

OWC Mac Pro Wheels
(Image credit: OWC)

It takes a lot to surprise us in 2020, but when Apple released its Mac Pro Wheels Kit, our minds were well and truly boggled. At $699, the set of four wheels costs more than your average iPad, and left us wondering if Apple was feeling okay. Well, a third-party manufacturer has come to the (sort of) rescue with its own set of Mac Pro wheels that are a lot cheaper. But they're still not cheap.

OWC has just announced its Rover Pro Wheels, which are fully compatible with the 2019 Mac Pro. Priced at $199, we'd usually call these a ridiculously expensive accessory. But compared with Apple's own wheels of fortune, OWC offering starts to feel like bargain. Sort of. (Check out our best computers for graphic design – no wheels required). 

Where the OWC Rover Pro wheels differ from Apple's Mac Pro Wheels Kit is that they attach directly to the stock Mac Pro feet rather than replacing them. While Apple's wheels require additional tools (which means, yes, additional cost), OWC's are simply hand-twisted over the existing feet, a process which OWC says takes two minutes. 

No additional tools required (Image credit: OWC)

The Rover Pro wheels also addresses one of the Apple wheels kit's most glaring design flaws: the lack of brakes. With the addition of some simple wheel stops, OWC's kit can protect your pricey Mac Pro from rolling off into the sunset – which is more than can be said for Apple's

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Despite the extra features, the main talking point for most users is the price. It's a strange world where a set of $199 computers wheel can be considered a bargain. At that price, you may as well find some extra uses for them – like this YouTuber who managed to attach his Mac Pro Wheels to a skateboard.

Apple might not be known for the cheapness of its products, but right now you can grab a rare deal direct from the company itself thanks to the Apple Back to School sale. And if you fancy a powerful desktop computer that won't break the bank, check out our dedicated Apple Amazon Prime hub or the best iMac deals below. 

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