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The best kids' face masks: Grab face mask deals now

Best kids' face masks
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Grab your kids' face masks right now

With Covid-19 going nowhere for the time being, getting the best kids' face masks is still a priority for many a parent. Coupled with recent announcements regarding kids' face masks being worn in schools around the world, there's been a surge in demand for quality kids' face masks. That's why we've detailed the most reliable retailers that you can buy them from right now.

Generally speaking, kids over the age of two are recommended to wear children's face masks when in socially built-up areas, with face coverings mandatory in certain situations. And with the return to school for many millions of kids, now's the time to get your child a face mask, and get them used to wearing it.

Below is a list of dependable retailers in the US and UK that offer various kids' face masks of different designs and patterns. We've also got a guide to help you learn how to make your own face mask, if you're feeling creative, and if you're in the UK and want more options, here's our guide on how UK face masks.

Kids' face masks in the US

Kids' face masks in the UK

The latest news on wearing face masks

In the US, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that children over two should wear face masks when they're in a crowd. And the UK government recommends the use of face masks when people are out and about in enclosed public spaces. Face masks are also mandatory on public transport in many places around the world, though children under 11 are exempt (children under five are exempt in Scotland). 

Getting your child to wear a face mask may be a totally different challenge (toddlers, we're looking at you), but hopefully some of the designs featured here will make the prospect of wear a kids face mask a bit more appealing. Or maybe you'll be more successful if you get your kids to make their own. You can sell it as a (supervised) arts and crafts activity – see our guide to how to make a face mask at home. 

Help kids get used to face masks

Smaller children, who are too young to understand why they are being asked to wear a face mask, could be particularly resistant. 

There's a number of ways that you can make your child feel more comfortable about wearing a face mask, including:

  • Make it the norm: Where possible, leave face masks around the house so they become an item they see regularly. Encourage them to practise taking them on and off, and even wear them around the house to get them used to it.
  • Making their own: Let your little ones choose a design or pattern they like, and help them create their own face mask.
  • Encourage creativity: If you've bought a face mask for your child, encourage them to get creative and make it their own. Let them draw or sketch some designs or drawings they want to show off to the world. 
  • Play a game: Face masks can be a bit scary-looking if you're small (and big, for that matter), so maybe implementing a face mask in play at home will make it seem a bit less daunting. Promote your child to doctor or nurse of the house, and let them look after you (or maybe their favourite stuffed animal might be better?).

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Beren Neale is commissioning editor at Creative Bloq.