Face mask sewing tutorial: Create a fitted face mask with changeable filter

(Image credit: Amanda Riley)

Fashion designer Amanda Riley is using her talents to help the world stay safe with this in-depth face mask tutorial. With face masks in short supply around the world, Riley's tutorial offers a way to get creative and protect yourself at the same time. 

In Riley's hour-long video, she explains she studied the make up of an N95 surgical mask, with the aim to create the best possible replica with materials at home. Just like the N95 face mask, Riley's design contain three layers of fabric and a disposable filter. Check out our round-up of the best fabrics to make face masks at home to get started. 

Riley's design is not medical and has not been tested in a lab so it won't stop you from getting Covid-19. It is, however, a fitted design that shields the face using tightly woven cotton (68/70 per cent capture rate) and a HEPA fabric changeable filter (86 per cent capture rate). 

Not big on needlework? Don't miss our how to make a face mask article, which details two face mask tutorials with no sewing required. 

In order to follow along with Riley's face mask tutorial, you'll need the following items: 

  • Tightly woven cotton – this could be a pillowcase, sheet or old cotton shirt, for example.
  • HEPA fabric Vacuum cleaner bag – High Efficiency Air Filter fabric made from heat-bonded polymer fibres. One Henry vac bag will make seven adult-sized filters from one Henry Vac bag – these are not washable.
  • 16cm of thin wire – garden wire, pipe cleaner, bag tie
  • Elastic – 5mm width or a large rubber band or two
  • A4 sheet of paper, ruler, pen/pencil
  • Sewing machine, hand sewing needle and thread, scissors and pins.

You can find more material details over on Riley's YouTube channel. And don't forget to share any upcycled creations with Riley on Instagram @thefashionfactory.uk.

If you don't have the time or the inclination to create your own face mask, here's a list of retailers who have plenty of face masks, in a variety of designs, in stock. 

  • Etsy.co.uk – artist face masks from just £3.99
  • Buff – stylish face coverings at low prices
  • Ebay.co.uk – washable face masks at a bargain price
  • HYPE – get three face masks for £24.99 with 100% of profits to the NHS
  • Silkies – two protective face masks for $16.99
  • Disney – Cloth masks featuring best-loved characters for $19.99
  • Zappos – face mask and balaclavas from $15.73
  • Stringking – CDC-recommended cloth masks for just $6.99
  • Etsy.com – patterned face masks for as a little at $4
  • Caraa Cares – 5 face masks for just $25
  • Los Angeles Apparel - 3 adjustable face masks for only $30
  • Sock Cares – funky face masks for only $12

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