Can you guess these famous TV shows just from their kitchen floor plans?

A render of the floorplan of a famous TV kitchen
(Image credit: Simple Ghar)

One of the mysteries of TV is how everyone has such large, well-equipped kitchens. Even characters of modest means seem to have kitchens that are bigger than many people's homes, but then they do need to fit a film crew in there. Well, now someone's paid tribute to those stunning TV kitchen designs by creating detailed renders of their floorplans. And they've turned the project into a fun quiz that's pretty hard to ace.

We don't want to give too much away, so we'll just let you take the quiz yourself below. You'll find renders of the kitchens from six famous TV shows. See if you can recognise them. If you're inspired to rewatch some of your favourite shows afterwards to look out for these iconic kitchens, then take a look at our guide to the best TVs.

The renders were created as a labour of love by home and kitchen appliance store Simple Ghar, which has meticulously studied (i.e., binge watched) some of the biggest shows to have graced our screens to create detailed renders of their kitchen floorplans. So how well do you know your favourite show's interiors? See if you can guess, and then click the right arrow to see the answer in each case.

01. A kitchen fit for royalty

This luxury kitchen boasts a grand central island and an airy dining area that was the scene for countless comedy capers, puerile pranks, failed flambés and the odd heartwarming moment between otherwise conflicting cousins.

02. A kitchen that's seen some rum goings on

Although this kitchen has played host to countless family breakfasts, it's also seen people's lives get flipped upside down.

03. Some retro Park Avenue chic

The service door of this kitchen has seen plenty of comings and goings.

04. This kitchen's more modern than it looks

From knife-juggling to botched baking, this kitchen has been put through its paces.

05. The kitchen downstairs

This kitchen is fitted with state-of-the-art (yet fearsome) electric whisks, range ovens and an array of pots and pans.

06. You’ll learn more than just cooking tips in this kitchen

The melodramas of family life play out around this American ‘70s-style kitchen (that's actually set in English suburbia).

So, did you know the Byers’ kitchen from the Banks’? The quiz casts a light on an aspect of of our favourite shows that we don't often think about, and shows just how every detail of the design contributes to the setting. We'll certainly be paying more attention to the kitchen details next time we're binge watching a series. For more TV offers, see our roundup of the best Apple TV prices or see today's best TV prices below.

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