Yikes, those Game of Thrones NFTs are something else

Game of Thrones NFT featuring a man with comically large hands
(Image credit: Nifty's/Future owns)

We saw plenty of bizarre NFT designs in 2022, from Mark Zuckerberg's childhood baseball card to Madonna giving birth to a tree (yes, you read that right). And if these god-awful Game of Thrones designs are anything to go by, 2023 is set to be just as weird.

A highly anticipated series of officially licensed Game of Thrones NFT designs just dropped, and have (quite rightly) been met with a collective 'wtf?'. When it comes to character design, this is some truly horrific stuff – and yet, believe it or not, the collection has already sold out. The world of NFTs really is a strange place.

Game of Thrones NFT

Yikes (Image credit: Nifty's)

The designs landed on NFT marketplace Nifty's this week, as part of a 'Build your Realm' programme described as "a first-of-its-kind digital collectible experience that connects you with your favourite series, characters, and moments through themed activities, upgradeable avatars, and digital collectibles from the world of Game of Thrones."

But take one look at the poorly rendered digital avatars and it's clear why social media is roasting these designs. The most obvious question is: what's going on with those hands? The giant Salad Fingers-esque digits are truly bizarre, especially with regular sized axes etc floating within them. And then there's the quality of the character models overall, which is decidedly PS2-era. These guys wouldn't look out of place next to the terrifying people in Gran Turismo 7

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From Mark Zuckerberg's hideous digital avatars to those unbelievable Donald Trump trading cards, the world of NFTs and the metaverse seems to be going from weird to weirder. Unless, that is, you like feet. Wondering what on earth we're talking about? Check out our simple guide to NFTs.

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