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Microsoft's new Halo Xbox Series X design both delights and frustrates fans

With the latest installation in the Halo video game franchise approaching, Microsoft has revealed a glorious limited-edition Xbox Series X with a sharp Halo-themed look. It's gone down a storm with fans – those that can get their hands on it of course, because pre-orders across all retailers have sold out within minutes.

The themed makeover for the console includes dark metallic panelling with iridium gold accents and a galaxy of stars at the top, and the device plays Halo-themed sounds when you switch it on and off. It comes with a bundled-in controller that has a 20-year mark in iridium gold on the rear to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Bungie's military science fiction game franchise (see our roundup of the best Xbox deals for the best prices on all the models currently available).

The special-edition Xbox Series X will be available on November 15 for those who've managed to pre-order it at $549.99 / £479.99. It includes a copy of Halo Infinite, which will be available to play from December 8.

Microsoft's also producing a limited edition Elite Series 2 controller with a matte metallic green look inspired by the character Master Chief's armour. That comes with a custom carrying case, laser-etched charging dock and swappable components. There's also a Halo Infinite-inspired Razer Kaira Pro headset and Seagate Game Drive coming out in October.

Halo Xbox

The limited edition Elite Series 2 controller and the Xbox Series X (Image credit: Microsoft)

Fans love the look of the limited-edition machine, but many are more than a little peeved about still not being able to get even the regular Xbox Series X while the limited edition version is already appearing on eBay at twice the retail price. "Might as well call the normal Series X 'limited edition' as well," one person commented. 

Another person wrote: "How would we be able to get this when we cant get our hands on the standard edition? still looks sick though!" "Holy moly that bundle is the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen, there doesn’t seem to be an option to preorder it on the website though," was a typical response on Twitter.

If you're also frustrated trying to get hold of an Xbox Series X, check out the best current deals on other video game consoles below. Sony's PS5 is also hard to come by too, but you can bookmark our guide to PS5 restock news and prices for the latest updates.

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