Heinz's new sauce mashups are the Marmite of condiments

Heinz crowdsauced
(Image credit: Heinz)

Some condiments are made to go together. Ketchup and mayo, ketchup and mustard, er – maybe just those two, actually. But Heinz is pushing some outrageous mashups with a really-quite-horrifying new Canadian range, inspired by late night cravings that Heinz 'crowdsauced' from old posts on the internet.

Look, we're all for experimentation, but this line of blended sauces sounds so out there the only saving grace might be that they are confined to Canada (sorry, Canada, but we hope it stays that way). Though from the disgusting sounding flavours to the questionable names, this line is certainly a conversation-starter (unsurprising for a brand responsible for some of the best print ads ever).

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Heinz Canada's new range is comprised of Wasbioli, Hanch and Tarchup. Just re-read that for a second, because the mashup components are definitely less than clear. 

Done? Okay, full marks if you get these right. Wasbioli is wasabi and aioli, Hanch sees hot sauce meet ranch, and Tarchup is tartare sauce blended with ketchup. Do any of those sound appealing to you? We assume Heinz must have balanced these so beautifully they transcend the description, because the thought of wasabi and aioli together in particular makes us feel a bit queasy. 

People really aren't sure – a point of view that Heinz is more than willing to engage with on Twitter:

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But Heinz is also asking for further suggestions, which are flooding in:

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Each bottle will set you back $2.99 CAD, so even if the combinations don't appeal, we can imagine condiment fans being eager to taste test these just for the sheer novelty. You can find out more on the project's website (opens in new tab). Got your own suggestion? Post it on Twitter with the hashtag #HeinzCrowdsauced (opens in new tab).

Unsurprisingly for a brand that has consistently delivered iconic advertising over its history, we're pretty impressed by the marketing ploy – it's definitely got us talking. We're not sure the names will stick, though. Other recent (and less controversial) brand escapades include Heinz's challenging of the public to draw ketchup bottles, and who can forget this ketchup puzzle from last year?

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