TikTok still can't get over that terrible Hershey's logo redesign

Hershey's logo
(Image credit: Hershey)

We've seen no shortage of headline-grabbing rebrands over the last few years, with pretty much every brand around opting for a new (and probably flat) logo. Hershey's dropped a redesigned logo in 2014 – two years before TikTok even existed. But the logo is hitting a bum note on the platform here and now in 2022.

Yep, the eight year-old rebrand is still getting laughed at online, thanks to the logo's unfortunate resemblance to a certain emoji. And seeing as the company has held its nerve and clung onto the design for nearly a decade, we're not surprised. (Looking for design inspiration? Check out the best logos of all time.)


♬ original sound - Zachary Winterton

TikTok logo expert Zachary Winterton recently called it the worst logo design ever (above) drawing attention to the fact that the shape at the end of the wordmark, designed to represent its famous 'kisses' candy, instead looks rather a lot like the 'Pile of Poo' emoji. The twist of packaging even looks like steam. How did this get signed off? 

Hershey's logo

A visual aid, in case you needed it (Image credit: Hershey)

While the shock of the change means many new logos have their share of initial detractors (something Audi is experiencing right now), it's unusual to see a rebrand attracting heat eight years later – especially when said design is still in use. Still, perhaps there are worse logo design crimes than a scatological appearance. At least we can read the name of the brand, which is more than can be said for the disastrous new Kia logo.

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Daniel John
Senior News Editor

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