ILM reveals Transformers VFX secrets in new issue of 3D World


VR is fast becoming the hot topic in a lot of industries, no less our own, as we discover how to utilise this tool to actually stand in worlds you can create yourself. This issue 3D World has a huge 14-page guide to how virtual reality is sparking innovative projects in games, animation and design. 

There's also the best VFX secrets behind Transformers: The Last Knight and the challenges MPC faced when unleashing a more organic-looking Xenomorph in Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant.

There are some amazing tips and techniques to be found this issue, including working with fur to create amazing creatures, making an explosion using FumeFX and how to make convincing CG fabric in just 12 steps.  

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Readers can dig into a fantastic video course from Pluralsite on Designing Motion Controller Experiences in Unreal. In this great video series you’ll learn how to set up a VR character with motion controllers, interact with objects and create a teleport system.

Also in 3D World 223…

  • Arnold 5 and the Stardust plug-in for After Effects reviewed
  • The new features of Unreal Engine 4.16 revealed
  • Explore Element 3D with a look at the development of Valley of the Kith
  • We explore how game graphics are quickly catching up with film
  • See the best art from around the CG community
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VFX secrets of Transformers: The Last Knight

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How MPC unleashed the Xenomorph once more in Alien: Covenant
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Discover how VR is changing the 3D industry
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Create sparks and smoke in FumeFX and nParticles
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Work with fur for amazing creatures
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Your questions answered and problems solved!
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The best art from the CG community
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All the latest software reviewed inside, including Arnold 5