Apple's iOS 15.1 could make your iPhone camera even better

The iOS 15.1 collage made by Apple.
(Image credit: Apple)

It's been three weeks since we were introduced to iOS 15 and already beta testing for 15.1 is underway. But what does the next update have in store for iPhone users?

The iOS 15.1 update is set to introduce some exciting new features, with new camera settings to make shooting on the iPhone even more professional. Along with the photography updates, Macworld has said iOS 15.1 will also be introducing SharePlay, Lossless Audio for HomePod, as well as being able to have your vaccination records on your iPhone. If you're yet to get your hands on some Apple tech then why not check out our Black Friday Apple deals?

The iPhone 13 Pro camera.

On the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max you will soon be able to turn Auto-Macro settings on and off (Image credit: Apple)

The iOS 15.1 update will bring settings that will improve the use of your iPhone's camera. According to Mac Rumours, the beta will add ProRes support on your iPhone that can be turned on and off in the Camera settings, meaning that iPhones with over 128GB storage will be able to shoot 30fps at 1080p, or 4K on models with even larger storage space. 

On iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models, there will also be a setting to turn off 'Auto Macro'. This will prevent the camera from jumping the ultra-wide lens to macro, meaning you will have more control over your camera when it comes to shooting. 

In an attempt to rival the likes of Zoom, Teams or Google Meet, we may also see the arrival of SharePlay with iOS 15.1 meaning that iPhone users will be able to share their music, TV shows, movies and screen while on FaceTime. Users will also be able to carry their COVID-19 vaccine status on their phones via the Wallet app when they update to iOS 15.1. Unfortunately, any model before the iPhone 6s won't be able to support the iOS 15 update, so not everyone will be able to have a go with the new features. 

Three stages off adding the vaccine pass to Apple Wallet.

iPhone users will be able to have their vaccine status on the Wallet App.  (Image credit: Apple/Futute)

It's uncertain when iOS 15.1 will be released to the public, but we suspect it will be sometime in October. If you're looking for an iPhone but uncertain which one to get, then why not have a look at our iPhone model list to see which is the best model for you.

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