7 key iPhone camera functions you should know about

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(Image credit: IPS)

Mastering your iPhone camera is a fantastic start, yet it’s not a surefire path to an outstanding photo. The art of photography encompasses mastering composition, understanding light, choosing interesting subjects, applying creative techniques, and recognising unique photo opportunities where others see nothing. 

That's why it's vital to go beyond the technical aspects of using the best iPhone for photography when learning how to take better photos. However, knowing exactly how to use your device is the first step. With that in mind, below are some of the basic key functions and tips on how to better use your iPhone camera, from an expert and founder of the iPhone photography school

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Emil Pakarklis

Emil is a self-taught iPhone photographer, photography teacher and the founder of iPhone Photography School. Despite having no formal training or arts background, his passion for taking photos allowed him to quickly improve as a photographer and turn this website into the world’s leading iPhone photography publication. Emil is the author of best-selling iPhone Photo Academy and iPhone Editing Academy online courses, and he spends much of his time running the business aspects of IPS and looking for ways to serve the audience better.”