46 iPhone settings you should probably turn off right now

The iPhone is a phenomenal device, but with each new iteration of iOS, we have more and more settings to contend with. If only there were a comprehensive guide to how to tweak the default configuration to get the best performance and battery life from our phone.

Well, a recent video on YouTube aims to be just that. Two Apple experts set out to provide a guide to which settings you should "turn off immediately" to get better battery life and to protect your data and privacy. And there are no fewer than 46 of them (if you're looking to upgrade your iphone, see our guide to the best iPhone 14 prices)

If you've got an iPhone 14 or any recent iPhone running the latest iOS, you might want to watch Apple experts David Payette and David Lynch of Payette Forward as they suggest 46 iPhone settings you should turn off to improve your phone's performance and keep your data safe.

That might sound like a lot to turn off, but phones now come with so many features that we don't need and that can actually slow them down or eat into battery life that it makes sense to make some adjustments. The video deals with both new settings and longstanding features that continue to drive iPhone users crazy. They range from Apple Marketing, personalised recommendations and subscriptions (AKA spam) to notification settings, the misleadingly named 'Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement', the always-on display wallpaper and those annoying email signatures (no, we don't want to give Apple free advertising in every email we sent thanks).

Of course, some of the settings they suggest turning off can actually be useful, and not everyone will want to disable all of them, for example iCloud Private Relay is designed to protect privacy, and some people have noted that there's no need to turn off Pro Res 48MP photo since it's easy to toggle in the camera app itself, and some photographers may want to have the option to shoot in 48MP at least sometimes.

But it's true that many of the features are unnecessary for many users. There are many you would never know were there, but slowly and surely they're affecting the phone's performance. Many people have reacted positively in the comments. One person wrote: "For apple supposedly being so secure and easy to use, it's quite crazy that we have to do all of this just to optimize it for basic use cases."

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