Genius new Kit-Kat ad sums up lockdown perfectly

Kit-Kat's 'Have a break. Have a Kit-Kat.' is one of the most famous and longstanding advertising slogans in the business, known and quoted by millions globally. And a new (unofficial) ad has been created, which plays on that sentiment by bringing it into the current world of work. It's so topical, it hurts. 

Designed as part of a Twitter challenge, the ad shows a daily schedule, totally consumed by Zoom meetings, with a Kit-Kat duo blocking out two slots in the middle, at 3pm. It's simple, relevant and completely on-brand. In fact, it's so clever, many are praising Kit-Kat itself for the genius, before realising it actually has nothing to do with the brand, officially. Want to make your own? Try these Photoshop tutorials.


3pm is Kit-Kat time (Image credit: Sam Hennig)

Created by Sam Hennig (opens in new tab) for the One Minute Briefs (opens in new tab) Twitter account, the ad has garnered unprecedented attention, amassing tens of thousands of likes, praise from top-level design leaders and marketers. It's even attracted the attention of Zoom and Kit-Kat themselves.

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Some naysayers have cynically criticised the concept for being an ad that's situated outside during a pandemic, when apparently no-one will see it. But the One Minute Briefs account had an apt response for this point of view.

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The only issue we take is with the idea it could take an hour to eat a Kit-Kat. We guarantee ours would be inhaled within 30 seconds. Or maybe we could spend the whole hour mainlining Kit-Kats back to back. Sales will be up in no time.

All this attention goes to show how worthwhile it is for creatives to get involved with unofficial design work, to flex their creative muscles and show off their talents to the world. Want to explore more ingenious adverts? Our roundup of the best print adverts ever is great inspiration.

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