Learn how brushwork can capture movement

The changing seasons are a constant reminder that time is moving on, and that's just what we're focussing on in the latest issue of Paint & Draw magazine! Inside issue 8 you'll find tons of creative inspiration and tips all taking their cues from the idea of movement, including our cover feature all about using watercolours to give a sense of motion.

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On top of this you'll pick up plein air oil painting tips, get a glimpse into the studio of a working artist, find reviews of the latest art books, and get info about all the upcoming exhibitions you simply have to visit. Make sure you don't miss it!

Explore this issue's main features below!

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Capture movement with loose brushstrokes

Alex is attracted to painting beauty in the natural world

In our cover feature we talk to watercolour artist Alex Egan about how she uses the lightest of touches to give her scenes a sense of depth.

Interview: Ralph Steadman

Ralph's wit hasn't lost any of its sharpness over the years

The innovative British artist talks about mistakes, plagiarism and Hunter S Thompson in our candid interview.

Start using colour paper for pastels

Colour paper helps to convey moods

In the latest of our six part pastel series, Rebecca de Mendonca advices what colour surface to use to achieve the best results.

Improve your pencil shading

Melanie's sketches have a photorealistic look

Animal artist Melanie Philips uses a selection of pencils to capture the unique personality of pets on paper. Here she shares drawing tips you can use to improve your shading.

Create a painted scene from an outdoors sketch

A chilly Hampshire beach provides some creative inspiration

Artist Liam O'Farrell heads outdoors to capture a seaside scene with pencils and watercolours in this scenic workshop. See how he uses watercolour sketches to build up to a final piece.