New LeShuttle logo gets people talking

LeShuttle logo
(Image credit: LeShuttle)

There's nothing like a radical logo redesign to start a debate, and Le Shuttle – sorry, it's now LeShuttle – has certainly done that. It's a very different look for the Channel Tunnel railway service. It's sleek and very now (detouring via the 1920s).

The new logo drops Le Shuttle's nationalistic red and blue for a more universal Uber-like white on black, emphasising speed, efficiency and modernity (complemented by 'Electric Lavendar' highlights in wider branding). But is it readable? (see our tips on how to design a logo for ideas for your own work).

LeShuttle logo

Au revoir Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, bonjour LeShuttle (Image credit: LeShuttle)

What's with all the hate on railway logo redesigns? The new Eurostar logo attracted a freight train of criticism early in the year – unfairly, we thought. Now it's the turn of LeShuttle, the railway shuttle service for vehicles and passengers that runs between France's Coquelles in Pas-de-Calais, and Cheriton in Kent in the United Kingdom.

The brand revamp from Landor & Fitch, who also worked on the previous identity, sees the name change from Eurotunnel Le Shuttle to LeShuttle to try to avoid confusion with Eurostar. The agency went for a wordmark with a ligature joining the 'L' and 'S' to represent a journey on the underwater tunnel. There are also tunnel shapes for the letter 'e', and in some applications, the 'S' is stretched out to convey a sensation of motion through said tunnel.

LeShuttle logo

LeShuttle logo applications (Image credit: LeShuttle)

The LeShuttle logo looks sleek, and the type does instantly make one think of a train – at least it does for me. The feeling of movement is emphasised in the animated logo, which conveys a sensation of rapid transit (see the tweet below).

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But some people aren't sure about it at all, especially in real-world physical applications. "Seriously. This is bad. Look at the horrific lack of contrast/lack of readability with the signage," one person wrote on Twitter. Others see it as bland. "Eurotunnel was a far better name, and the branding a million times better than this bland mess!" one person wrote.

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For more recent logo redesigns, see how an agency fixed the Warner Bros logo and how the splat was brought back in the new Nickelodeon logo.

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