This ingenious McDonald's ad campaign is making me hungry

McDonald's has created some iconic advertising campaigns over the years. Many of them highlight the fastfood's supreme recognisability, from its golden arches to its products themselves. But this is one of the most ingenious yet.

A new campaign for the McDelivery service in France cleverly takes advantage of our familiarity with McDonald's most emblematic menu items, depicting them in an unusual way. Yes, when you're hungry, everything can remind you of food, even the front door (this could be one for our pick of the best print ads).

McDonald's advertising for McDelivery showing building entrances that look like McDonald's products

Glowing McDonald's French fries delivered to your door (Image credit: McDonald's)

The poster campaign features the entrances to buildings that subtly resemble key McDonald's products – the BigMac, French fires and sundae. The idea is clearly that McDonald's will deliver to your door. The poster campaign was devised by TBWA\Paris, which was also behind the brilliant abstract McDonald's pixels ads we saw last year. The images were shot by Aurélien Chauvaud.

McDonald's advertising for McDelivery showing building entrances that look like McDonald's products

BigMac on the mind? (Image credit: McDonald's)

Part of the beauty of the campaign is the subtlety of the execution, fitting with the more elegant approach that McDonald's has been going for in contrast with its more traditional branding (for a very different campaign see the drunken McDonald's ads in Australia). Each architectural design is very different in style, but they clearly link up, and they have me wondering if McDonald's could extend the campaign and do more (as I write almost everything is now starting to look like food).

McDonald's advertising for McDelivery showing building entrances that look like McDonald's products

Ice cream sundae, art nouveau-style (Image credit: McDonald's)

The campaign is another addition to McDonald's history of clever ads, and it's likely to be just as memorable as many of the others we've seen. Over on Reddit, People are still debating a McDonald's sundial ad from 2007. Meanwhile, we have to admire the nerve of the vegan fastfood chain Mr.Charlie's for taking advantage of the familiarity of McDonald's branding.

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