Microsoft's shocking message for Xbox Series X users

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Just like the PS5, Microsoft's Xbox Series X has been the subject of several memes over the past few months – most notably with many users comparing its box-like design with a fridge. Now that the console is finally in gamers' hands, a brand new prank has emerged online – and Microsoft itself has been forced to intervene.

Viral videos have been doing the rounds, purporting to show smoke billowing out of the top of the console. It appears as though the Xbox Series X has overheated, and certainly isn't a good look for any games console – particularly so soon after launch (here's where to get an Xbox Series X if you're on the lookout). 

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While it looks like pretty shocking stuff, an unofficial Xbox account tweeted (below) revealing how the effect is created by piping vape smoke into the console. Thanks the the power of that conspicuously large fan on the top of the device, the smoke pours upwards to create the illusion.

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We wouldn't recommend, you know, filling your brand new console with smoke (it probably isn't covered by the warranty), but we also can't help but admire the creativity of the videos. It's one hell of a realistic effect, created without the help of any kind of VFX software. Quite what compelled the first prankster to pipe smoke into their Xbox, we can only guess. (Perhaps it also involved smoke.)

And now Microsoft itself has got involved, issuing a response that it "can't believe" it has to say. Yes, the company has officially asked gamers not to blow vape smoke into their Xbox Series X.

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Microsoft has form when it comes to handling memes. How did it respond to gamers calling the Xbox Series X a giant fridge? By creating a giant Xbox Series X fridge. But if you've already failed to heed Microsoft's advice and filled your Xbox Series X with smoke, here's where to buy a PS5

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