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Xbox Series X | S consoles: New stock available at Walmart right now

Xbox Series X|S console
(Image credit: Microsoft)
Buy Xbox Series X|S

The Xbox Series and the Xbox Series S (or Xbox Series X|S for short) are here. Kind of. It's actually been a bit of  nightmare getting hold of one of the new Xboxes, what with shortage of stock and ruthless tout bots snapping up all of them the moment they come on sale. But not is all doom and gloom.

The good news is that according to rumours, some retailers have been able to periodically restock in both February and the end of April. We've got all the details of where you can get your hands on an Xbox Series X|S right here. 

And, with in-store purchases becoming a possibility, there are going to be even more chances of getting the new Xbox Series X or Series S. And that will mean online too – with more stock around, demand of the touted consoles will nosedive, meaning more honest people looking for the Xbox Series X|S online will find success. Anyway you look at it, things are looking up. So, for now, practice your thumb action, and stay hot on the refresh button on the select retailers that we've detailed below.

Xbox Series S in stock for a limited time

Xbox Series X|S: Quick links

Where to buy Xbox Series X|S: US

At the time of writing, there is Xbox Series S stock at Newegg, so get over there now!

All retailers listed below are the most likely places to find Xbox Series X or S stock, but due to high interest, the stock might not be available initially or consistently. The consoles are on a first come, first served basis, so you'll need a bit of luck on your side to get hold of one. But these are the best places to try, so if you persevere it may well pay off. Good luck!

Where to buy Xbox Series X|S: UK

As we've said, many of the above retailers may still be out of stock, as the new Xbox consoles has been popular, to say the least. But if you're completely committed to getting one of the new Xbox consoles, then there are at least some lovely Xbox and gaming accessories that you can get right now...

Xbox Series X|S accessories

Want more deals, on a range of products? Keep an eye on our Cyber Monday sales roundup.

Xbox Series X|S: More information

Xbox Series X|S release: At a glance

  • Xbox console options: Xbox Series X (4K, Blu-ray drive); Xbox Series S (digital only).
  • Xbox price points: Xbox Series X: $499.99 / £449.99; Xbox Series S: $299.99 / £249.99
  • New Xbox games confirmed: Halo Infinite; Assassins Creed Valhalla; Borderlands 3; Bright Memory 1.0; Cuisine Royale; Dead by Daylight... plus many more!
  • Previous Xbox release: Xbox One S released in 2016, and the higher-end Xbox One X released in 2017.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S: Design

First of all, before all that great gaming, is the look. And there's quite a difference in how each of these consoles look. The bigger, chunkier Xbox Series X is massive. Its design gives off an impressive aura of weightiness. It wants you to take it seriously, and considering what's inside it, that totally makes sense. It's available in black only, with some green highlights. 

The S in Series S, we're guessing, is for slim (certainly compared to Series X (XXL)). It actually resembles the Xbox One S, and we love the black, round grill surrounded by white body. Both are classy in our eyes, but we'll admit they also have a 'love it or hate it' kind of design vibe. 

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S: Power and price

Each of these Xboxes come with a AMD Zen 2 eight-core processor... what does this mean? It means that both of these things are super powerful. This will mean significant faster loading time with way more stability than any previous Xbox to date. For context, the Series S boasts four times the processing power of the Xbox One, and the Series X much more. 

As for the graphics processing, the X has 12 TFLOPS (52CUs at 1.825GHz) of RDNA 2 graphics; while the S has 4 TFLOPS (20CUs at 1.565GHz) of RDNA 2 graphics. And when it comes to RAM, the bigger brother sports 16GB, while the S offers 10GB.

Of course, the main difference for many players is the fact that the Series X has a disc drive, and the Series S does not. That's reflected in the price difference: $499.99 / £449.99 for the X, $299.99 / £249.99 for the S. So do you take the less powerful (though still plenty powerful compared to previous models), digital only Xbox, or shell out more for the disc-carrying Xbox X, with the option of selling on any game discs that you're done with? Decisions, decisions...

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