Netflix 'steals' from luxury brands in clever ad campaign

Promotional posters for the Netflix show Lupin
(Image credit: Netflix )

Netflix has released an ad campaign that recreates the luxe look of famous fashion brands to promote the final season of its hit show Lupin. The clever posters give the illusion that valuable accessories have been stolen from the models without a trace, presumably snatched by master thief, and star of the show, Assane Diop.

The crafty campaign expertly steals the identity of several luxury brands, transforming them into a playful promo that hides in plain sight – just in time for Paris Fashion Week. (If you're after more clever fashion branding, check out our collection of the best fashion logos). 

Promotional posters fro the Netflix show Lupin

The posters emulate the aesthetics of Tiffany & Co. and Celine (Image credit: netflix)

The campaign, created by Jellyfish France and Re-mind PHD, features logos and imagery from brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Rolex, and Tiffany & Co. With sleek airbrushed models and stripped-back aesthetics, the ads could easily be overlooked in the sea of similar high fashion campaigns dotted around for Paris Fashion Week. 

However, one crucial detail is missing from the posters. A heist has taken place, with strategic tanlines in place of expensive Hermès rings and Rolex watches, giving the somewhat bland high fashion imagery an air of mystery. 

Fans of the show took to Instagram to share their praises for the ingenious campaign. "So clever! Whoever created this concept deserves a raise!" one user commented, while another claimed that the minimalist ads were a prime example of "Creativity at its very best," – and we've got to agree.

Netflix's latest campaign is a masterclass in showing rather than telling, where audience intrigue is built through subversion of the norm. The minimalist, luxury imagery playfully appropriates the style of high-end fashion brands to satirise the true nature of upscale advertising. Ultimately when robbed of its accessories, luxury branding comes across as rather uninspired (and dare I say a little boring?).

Promotional posters for the Netflix series Lupin

(Image credit: Netflix )

The third and final series of Lupin comes to Netflix on 5 October where eager fans can finally see how the gripping crime drama concludes. 

If you're after more brilliant promotional posters, check out Netflix's ingenious poster design for the show Beef, or take a look at the controversial Sex Education poster that had the internet unimpressed. 

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