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Is this the new Cadbury logo?

Millions around the world will know Cadbury for its silky smooth chocolate, but there's no doubt the company logo is just as famous. Based on the signature of founder William Cadbury, the instantly recognisable purple script logo first made an appearance on the company's transport fleet in 1921. 

Simplified over time, in 1952 the decision was taken to make the cursive design the face of the brand. By 1960 the logo had been simplified somewhat, but it has remained virtually the same ever since. Until now. Maybe. 

A recent news story from reported that the company has changed its logo for the first time in over 50 years, with a design that nods back to Cadbury's original 1921 signature. Rumours are that Cadbury Australia is set to roll the new look out to coincide with the launch of a new chocolate bar, Marble. Digital designer Lee Barguss also tweeted about the potential new logo design: 

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It's a brave move for any big brand to make logo changes, but who knows, maybe this will pay off and see Cadbury make it our list of the best logos of all time? But why now? The same article from reported a Cadbury company spokesperson saying: 

“The new elevated packaging includes a redrawn wordmark, new iconography and typography, making the look and feel more natural, authentic and high quality. The revitalisation of the Cadbury wordmark drew inspiration from the hand of founder John Cadbury himself to create a beautifully crafted signature with a more contemporary feel.”

So far there's been no official word from Cadbury as to whether any of these rumours are true, but, honestly, we're hopeful they are. The proposed new thinner wordmark looks way more refined, with the added loop in the 'b' helping it flow more seamlessly. In our humble opinion, this smooth, more cursive design seems a much more fitting option for the brand it represents. Whether Cadbury is in fact planning to use it, however, remains to be seen. 

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Kerrie Hughes

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