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DC reveals new Justice League logo

Justice League is the original superhero team, created in 1960 as the Justice League of America and providing the impetus for Marvel's Stan Lee to develop his own superhero gang, the Fantastic Four. It's getting on for 60 years old now, and with an eye on this anniversary, DC has just unveiled a brand new logo design for its Justice League comic.

Justice League logo

What's the deal with that star? [Image: DC]

Just as the line-up of the Justice League has changed over time – the current roster is comprised of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl – so the logo itself has been redesigned and modified, most recently in 2016. This one, however, harks back to the style of the original 1960 logo.

Over the years the Justice League logo has featured a signature star – in fact the original version had a load of them, perhaps a few too many – and while it's been missing in recent incarnations, for this latest version it's back, along with clean lines and just a hint of depth.

Justice League cover, 1960

The original Justice League logo from 1960. So many stars [Image: DC, cover art by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson]

There's a slight weirdness to it that you might not immediately be able to put your finger on, however, and it's this: while the Justice League wordmark is slanted at a jaunty angle, the star itself isn't. Not only that, one of the vertices runs parallel to the angle of the text; it's clearly a deliberate design decision, but it does look a little bit odd. Maybe that's the idea; it certainly catches the eye.

As well as marking the Justice League's 60th birthday a little early, this new logo marks the beginning of DC's Year of the Villain event, and it gets its first outing on the front cover of Justice League #25. In this extra-sized anniversary issue, Lex Luthor makes the world an offer: reject the Justice League and follow his plans to save humanity, because justice isn't getting the job done.

Justice League cover, 2019

The new logo makes its debut on the cover of Justice League #23 [Image: DC, cover art by Jorge Jiménez and Alejandro Sánchez]

The new issue goes on sale in stores and online on 5 June; you can find out more over at DC Comics.

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