New task manager could change the way web designers work


Stay focussed with the help of Freeter

Life is full of distractions, especially if you're working as a web designer. All it takes is a lapse of memory as you're switching between browser tabs and suddenly you find yourself wondering what you're meant to be doing. To help keep you on track, freelance web developer Alex Kaul created an organiser app called Freeter.

Now officially out of beta, the launch of Freeter has saved of web designers the chore of learning how to make an app that makes their day-to-day work easier. “Finding something in any of the windows I have to open [isn’t] a nightmare anymore,” says Kaul.

As well as gathering everything developers are working on into one place, Freeter also lets users manage their projects with easy and quick access – checking tasks in Trello and Slack boxes can all be taken care of from a single customisable tray of icons. Repetitive commands such as opening projects in a code editor or opening mockups in a design tool can also be set up for ease of use.

Head over to the Freeter site for inspirational examples of how to set up your dashboard, where you can download the app for free for Linux, macOS and Windows.

You can shape Freeter around your own personal needs

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