Pringles has found an ingenious new use for its cans

Pringles microphone
(Image credit: Pringles)

Pringles is on fire with its social media campaigns lately. In its latest initiative, the potato flake and corn starch-based snack brand has found an ingenious new use for its packaging.

We're all here for novel ways to recycle packaging, and the Pringles gaming microphone amplifier is that. The brand sent the device to streamers, who put it to the test on Twitch (see our pick of the best Nintendo Switch accessories for less improvised ideas).

Hot on the heels of the Pringles' response to a TikTok trend with its unlikely Caviar Co collab, it has another hit on its hands. Grey Colombia / Mexico came up with the idea of transforming a standard Pringles can into a microphone amplifier for gaming steamers by simply inserting generic mobile phone headphones into the can.

They  developed stickers to provide a gamer look, while micro-perforations are said to optimise sound transmission to headphones to create a "semi-professional" acoustic environment. The agency says with gaming enthusiasts investing $100 billion in streaming accessories, the Pringles Original Gamer's Limited Edition Microphone Amplifier & Streaming Device All-In-One Can Pack is a "game-changing" concept (I assume the pun is intended) due to its affordability.

Pringles distributed around 300 free kits among influencers and streamers, including Samy Rivers, who has 5.3 million followers on Twitch, but it's also suggesting that people can make their own for an average outlay of $2.36. Not bad considering that a decent microphone can start at $100.

Pringles microphone

Pringle's gave its low-tech hardware a gamer look (Image credit: Pringles)

"This innovation transcends being a mere accessory; it's an embodiment of Pringles' dedication to enhancing the gaming experience," Grey says. "Beyond its hardware evolution, this concept encapsulates the spirit of community. Pringles recognizes that gamers are influencers, storytellers, and trendsetters."

It adds: "In a gesture of authenticity and camaraderie, these limited edition packs find their way to influential gaming figures, amplifying their voices within the gaming universe. In essence, Pringles not only embraces gaming but also empowers gamers to amplify their impact, bridging the gap between snacking and extraordinary gaming moments."

For more upcoming novelties in the gaming space, see our comparison of the rumoured PS5 Pro vs Nintendo Switch 2.

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