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Quiz: Spot the errors in these famous logos

Image via Buzzfeed

Logos are everywhere. It's near impossible to scroll through Facebook, visit a website or even turn a corner without coming across them. While we see iconic logos from famous brands practically every day, how much attention are we really paying them? Put your knowledge and perception to the test with a fun quiz from Buzzfeed, which offers up a challenge for logo design lovers.

The quiz shares a number of logos from common and recognisable brands, and each of the logos has been edited slightly from the original. All you have to do is identify and select the incorrect section of the memorable logo. Sounds easy, right? It turns out that despite looking at the Google homepage nearly every day, it’s surprisingly difficult to remember which letter is which colour, and the Microsoft logo is equally difficult to pinpoint.

Google logo with one of the letters coloured incorrectly

Which 'o' should be yellow?

Made up of ten questions, this test pushes you to notice the subtleties of what you see, and is full of little trip-ups that make you wonder how well you really take things in. Did you know there's a whole lot more white on the BMW logo than you might expect? And what colour was the 'You' in 'YouTube' before its latest rebrand?

Seven Eleven Logo with the top part of the seven coloured in the wrong colour

What's the one thing that's wrong with this 7-eleven logo?

As all logo enthusiasts are well aware, logos are a vital part of a company's brand and are supposed to be easily recognisable. So why is it often so difficult to remember all the elements of even the simpler designs? 

It seems that our brains don’t take everything in, and we don’t actively memorise and store the intricacies of these logos. Think about how easy it is to skip over misspelled words, especially  when the first and last letters stay in the same place. This is because your brain automatically corrects what you are seeing. 

It’s the same with fine details, as designers know. Creatives have long used the way the human eye is attracted to certain directions and patterns when creating, although some will say they've gone too far – as we explore in this piece about the use of circles in design

However, these natural eye movements mean that some aspects get left behind or go unnoticed. This quiz shows how elements of many logos are difficult to place, and often are not how your brain remembers them. 

Old logo for Dunkin' Donuts edited so both of the words are orange

One of the words in this old logo has been dunked in the wrong colour

It seems it’s easier for some than others. The comments left by quiz-takers prove that there must be a knack to remembering, as their scores range from only three correct to 100 per cent. Will you correctly find the changes? Head over to Buzzfeed to find out .

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