Creative Trends Report for 2017

It's that time of year where everyone is talking about trends for the coming year. What's popular, what's not? What works, what doesn't? 

With this in mind, the design, video and music teams at stock photography company Shutterstock have combined their expertise with information gathered from millions of searches and downloads to discover what’s on the rise around the creative world. 

The results have since been put turned into a brilliant infographic for Shutterstock's annual Creative Trends Report for 2017.

Some of the most interesting and significant findings reported that:

  • This year’s design trends are direct opposites, with the precision on technology vs. the beauty of nature
  • Emoji images will continue to be incredibly popular, having increased globally by 328%, no doubt due to their use in IM chats and ability to transcend language barriers
  • Broken down by country, the visual forecast for 2017 reveals Japan’s fascination with A.I., Thailand’s interest in Cosplay, Brazil’s feminist ideals - with images showing girls in powerful poses, and in the UK images of blockchain are popular - revealing an interest in the future of bitcoin technology
  • The gap between the past, present and future, nature and technology, also seeps into the creative trends – as we romanticise the past and the natural world, and are nervous about future technologies
  • The most popular images on social media show the extremes of nature e.g. mountains, forests, tornadoes, sunsets

This year’s design trends are direct opposites, with the precision on technology vs. the beauty of nature

"Our annual Creative Trends report is much anticipated by creative  professionals all over the world, as they seek visual inspiration and  direction for the year ahead," says Shutterstock’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Weiser. “This year, they point to a conflict between nature and technology with design features like ‘Glitch’ creating a dystopian feel while ‘Organic Texture’ illustrates the desire for more raw and natural patterns. We look forward to seeing how our customers and contributors apply these trends to aesthetically enhance their stories in 2017.”

Discover the fastest growing trends across the globe, based on image searches

All images courtesy of Shutterstock.

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