Stormzy's new Superheroes video will give you goosebumps

Superheroes Stormzy
(Image credit: studio 2veinte/Stormzy)

Stormzy has released an incredible new animated music video, created for his new single Superheroes. It's a celebration of the real-life heroes existing in families and among friends – with a particular focus on Black communities. 

The animation sees Stormzy as a superhero empowering a young boy to look around him and soak up the power of everyday heroes, leading him to become full of superhero power. The style, aesthetics and profound message come together to create a piece of work worthy of our top animated music videos list. Watch it below.

Directed by Taz Tron Delix and created by Buenos Aires-based animation studio studio 2veinte the video is dedicated to Chadwick Boseman – the superhero theme a fitting tribute for the late Black Panther star. Superheroes aims to empower and inspire young people, no matter their background or supposed limitations.

"It's a celebration of being yourself, a feel good story that bursts the bubbles of stereotypes, a reminder that not all superheroes wear capes, they are our family, friends and community," Delix told Creative Review. "We specifically wanted to encourage and empower children, especially Black children, that they can reach their full potential."

Black icons are celebrated throughout, from footballer Marcus Rashford (in the form of a girl playing football in a Rashford shirt) to Noughts and Crosses author Malorie Blackman, and Venus and Serena Williams. A large segment of the story is dedicated to the Black Lives Matter protests, complete with a graffiti artist. 

Superheroes Stormzy

BLM protests feature heavily in the video (Image credit: studio 2veinte/Stormzy)

Animation allows for magic to become part of the city streets, with aspiration and empowerment symbolised by people levitating, objects being moved by the mind and the ultimate in superhero skill, flying.

In Superheroes, reality and magic work with each other create a piece that's emotionally and politically charged. Delix is aware of the impact of the animated style and the power it holds. "It feels like this could only ever have been an animation," he says. "It needed to transcend boundaries, just like the music. It makes the impossible possible, and allows us to get lost in our imagination."

Superheroes Stormzy

Superheroes don't all wear capes (Image credit: studio 2veinte/Stormzy)

Superheroes' premiere took place in schools, and came with a recorded message for the children: "I wanted to show it to you guys first [because] being students at school, I think it's important that you guys understand how powerful you are," Stormzy said in the broadcast, which you can watch below.

"We're all superheroes, as much as we come from where we come from, we might be disadvantaged, we might have so many obstacles in front of us, you are a superhero in your own right, and don't ever forget that."

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