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The Surface Pro 8 without keyboard, on its stand.
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When we reviewed the Surface Pro 8 last year, we asked ourselves if this was a return to form for Microsoft after a misstep with the 7 – and the answer was a resounding yes! And now, in the last hours of Prime Day, this 41% price drop comes along. Get the Surface Pro 8 down from $1,099.99 to just $650 at Amazon.

This tablet is for digital creatives who don't want low-fat apps. The 8 is a 13-inch tab, so it's ideal for work on the go, but as it runs Windows 11 you can use full-fat software like Photoshop, so it's ideal for digital artists. Personal gripe incoming – it doesn't come with a stylus, so that will have to be bought separately. 

Surface Pro 8 (8GB, 128GB)
Was: $1,099.99
Now: Save:

Surface Pro 8 (8GB, 128GB)
$650.95 at Amazon
Save: $449

Overview: This is a great option for creatives who aren't Apple-munchers, and like to use powerful software on the move. 

Key features: Processor: Intel 4.2 GHz Core i5 | Size: 13-inches|Resolution: 2880x1920 |Graphics: Intel Iris Xe Graphics

Release date: September 2021.

Price history: The previous best price on Amazon on this model was $699 for last year's Black Friday. So this makes today's price the current all-time low. 

Current price: Microsoft: $899 | B&H Photo: $1,199

Review consensus: We reviewed the Surface Pro 8 after spending some months using it, and it fared well. We loved it's leap ahead from the 7 model, and we still prefer it to the subsequent 9 model. The retail price was the only thing standing in the way of full five stars. Now, at $650, we think it deserves them! 

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