This Nintendo Switch design Easter egg has been hiding in plain sight

The Nintendo Switch on a gradient background.
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Now that it's been around for half a decade (we can't believe it either), gamers know pretty much all there is to know about the Nintendo Switch. But a few surprises are still being discovered, including this secret message on the Switch Pro Controller.

While some gamers spotted it when the Switch first came out, plenty are still only just noticing that when the right thumbstick is pressed down, a tiny message appears underneath it. And it turns out it's just Nintendo's way of saying thank you. Not Switched things up yet? Check out the best Nintendo Switch deals

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The tiny text reads 'THX2ALLGAMEFANS!', which we can only assume translates to 'Thanks to all game fans!'. It's a neat little Easter egg, much like Sony's hidden PlayStation symbols on the PS5 controller (what is it with game makers and hidden messages on controllers?).


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But perhaps the most amazing thing about Nintendo's hidden treat is the fact that many gamers remain completely unaware of it, even five years later. "I almost called bullshit then I got out my flashlight," one user tweets, while another adds, "I thought this was some kind of trick, but I just checked mine and it's there. Wild!"

It seems the message is printed onto the circuit board of the controller itself and is visible through the translucent shell. One Twitter user took apart their controller (naturally), and found the tiny text sitting right above the joystick, rather than printed directly onto it.

Nintendo Switch Pro controller hidden message

(Image credit: @QuestForTori on Twitter)

Indeed, the big game companies have been hiding secret messages in their hardware and software for years. Just last year, an Easter egg in the original Xbox UI was finally discovered (only 20 years late).

So there we go – one more reason to love the Nintendo Switch. If you've just got hold of the awesome hybrid console (and got over the excitement of Nintendo's secret message), take a look at the best Switch deals below, and be sure to check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch games.

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