AI Taylor Swift is here to teach your kids maths

Taylor Swift deepfake maths
(Image credit: @onlocklearning)

Once again celebrity deepfake videos are circulating TikTok, but this time it's not quite what you'd expect. The likes of Taylor Swift, Drake, Ice Spice and the late Queen Elizabeth II are all taking to the app to dissect mathematical equations – who said TikTok can't be educational? 

That's right, put down your camera phones because now all you need to reach virality is a dodgy deepfake video and some questionable text-to-speech. Quality aside, the educational videos are certainly better than some of the TikTok brain rot I've seen. For all I know this could be the new innovative way to get the Zoomers learning.


Kim K and Taylor finish finding the definite integral🔥🔥 if this didn’t make sense you can watch the videos leading up to this one🫡 ⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️: This is not real audio/video of Kim Kardashian or of Taylor Swift. 🦜Celebrity voices were made with ParrotAI (download link in bio☝️)🦜 🎵All background music (in order)🎵: 22 (instrumental) · Taylor Swift DIOR · Положение Blank space (instrumental) · Taylor Swift #calculus #integration #functions #maths #engineering #physics

♬ original sound - onlocklearning

Mr Paul and Mr Freeman define DERIVATIVES🔥🔥 drop any questions you have in the comments lets gooooo🫡 also watch the latest video to know where that slope formula came from!! ⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️: This is not real celebrity audio/video. All video and speech was generated to help others learn about maths, physics, and engineering. Also after I filmed myself I saw I had tomato sauce on my face my bad loool 🎵All background music (in order)🎵: Close Eyes · DVRST Bliss (lofi hip hop beat) Prod. Riddiman

♬ original sound - onlocklearning

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