Hilarious design concepts imagine what Tesla might make next

Ah, Tesla. It often seems like Elon Musk's company is more intent on making headlines more than products. Its apocalyptic Cybertruck seems to be permanently behind schedule, and the target date for the Tesla bot is getting no more specific, yet it has time to turn out strange off-brand products like its own tequila and designer glassware.

Inspired by such apparently arbitrary product design decisions, someone's decided to imagine what Tesla might make next. And the results are suitably bizarre (see our pick of the best books on branding for better ideas of how to build an identity).

Tesla Twitter-optimised toilet

Joke Tesla products

The proposed concept for a Tesla toilet (Image credit: Car Lease Special Offers)

Last year, Tesla surprised us all with the launch of not a vehicle or even a robot designed to make us obsolete, but a set of Tesla sipping glasses. In the wake of such strange decisions, and Musk's chaotic takeover of Twitter, the car leasing search engine Car Lease Special Offers has put together a wish list of the products it thinks Tesla could do next, from a toilet to a toaster.

First up, the toiler is inspired by Musk's revelation that he sends “at least 50%” of his tweets while answering nature's call. The Tesla Toilet is primed for hours on the John with a racing seat-inspired design and support in all the right spots. A wall-mounted touchscreen provides smart access both to toilet functions and Twitter (so it's marginally more useful that the Twitterpeek.

A Tesla portable sink

Joke Tesla products

(Image credit: Car Lease Special Offers)

Musk's Twitter takeover was strange from the start. I mean, he turned up for his first day on the job carrying a sink into the building just so he could tweet "Let that sink in." It's suggested that the Tesla Portable Sink would serve for al fresco food prep or even as a makeshift drinks cooler. The SpaceX Waste Management System (this actually exists) for the filtering and recycling of wastewater would remove the need for a constant connection to plumbing.

Tesla toaster

Joke Tesla products

Tesla fans would surely love to be able to brand their toast (Image credit: Car Lease Special Offers)

Car Leases Special Offers suggests says the Tesla toaster would fit the Tesla aesthetic with "clean lines and clearly marked controls" while "reinventing the wheel", abandoning the traditional vertical toaster design for a horizontal wall-mounted device that takes up little space. The bread slots are styled on the front end of the Tesla Model S, while the filaments would be so arranged to burn the Tesla logo onto the resulting toast (this gives us another excuse to laugh about the hilarious Tesla logo misunderstanding.

Tesla bed

Joke Tesla products

(Image credit: Car Lease Special Offers)

Musk has even used Twitter to dispense sleep advice (he recommends having the head of your bed raised by 5cm to reduce acid reflux). Surely he's missing a product opportunity here? The stainless steel-framed Tesla Model Zzz blends Cybertruck styling with this simple design tweak.

The most terrifying thing about these tongue-in-cheek product concepts is that, judging by the response to Tesla's tequila glasses, there are dedicated Musk fans out there who would actually snap these up in a flash. And this isn't the only satirical series of Tesla design concepts we've seen recently. Another car leasing company recently decided to test what a range of iconic cars would look like if they were cybertrucked (yes, that's being used as a verb).

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