What if every car looked like a Tesla Cybertruck?

A photo of Tesla's Cybertruck.
(Image credit: Tesla)

Ah, the Tesla Cybertruck. Perhaps unsurprisingly, production of the apocalyptic-looking electric pickup has yet to get underway, so we can't live out our dystopian fantasies yet. But someone's decided to pass the time imagining what other cars would look like if they copied the Cybertruck's sharp, angular looks.

They've 'cybertrucked' (yes, that's now a verb) such iconic cars as the Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Beetle, Jaguar F-Type and Range Rover Evoque, and the results are... lots of sharp edges (make sure you have the best digital art software if you want to try your own designs).

Mini Cooper

A car redesigned in the style of the Tesla Cybertruck

The Mini Cooper if it were designed by Tesla (Image credit: Leasing Options)

Whatever you think of Tesla's Cybertruck, they're no denying that it doesn't look like anything that exists on the market. But with production pushed back at least until mid-2023, Leasing Options wanted to see what other cars might look like if they took the Cybertruck's style and beat Tesla into production.

First up is the British classic, the Mini Cooper, first released in 1959. BMW gave it a major update in 2000, but still today the design is clearly recognisable. It's curved design looks very different given the Tesla Cybertruck treatment, though. The traditional rounded grille now has six edges and the curved headlights have been straightened, but the 'Mini Cybertruck' still has the signature wings and union flag motif. Tesla hasn't yet shown any interest in creating a practical small hatchback, but perhaps this design could inspire Musk.

Volkswagen Beetle

A car redesigned in the style of the Tesla Cybertruck

The cybertrucked Beetle looks a little despondent  (Image credit: Leasing Options)

The Volkswagen Beetle is another classic that gets turned into a Cybertruck. Volkswagen's sadly called time on the iconic car, so it seems fitting to imagine how it might look if Tesla were to take on the brand. The result? Well, what was once a cute, curvaceous little car now looks kind of intimidating, if also a bit more like a traditional coupe. The design sticks with the classic Beetle wheel rims but ads a solar panel roof, something Musk's already ruled out in the past.

Jaguar F-Type

A car redesigned in the style of the Tesla Cybertruck

Gone are the F-type's glorious curves (Image credit: Leasing Options)

Moving into more luxury territory, the Jaguar F-Type is another vehicle that's set to meet its end, with the 2024 model to be the last. But this reimaging through a Tesla Cybertruck lens doesn't feel like much of tribute, ditching the car's stunning curves for boxy edges.

Bugatti Veyron

A car redesigned in the style of the Tesla Cybertruck

Edgy (Image credit: Leasing Options)

The cybertruck-inspired revamp of the fastest car on the streets keeps the Veyron's signature side vents, but again introduces a whole lot of flat edges. We're not convinced this would match the Veyron's record-breaking speeds, and it looks a bit like a Transformer, but it at least looks prettier than the Cybertruck itself.

Range Rover Evoque

A car redesigned in the style of the Tesla Cybertruck

The hearse of the future? (Image credit: Leasing Options)

Of all the cars given a Tesla Cybertruck makeover, perhaps the Range Rover Evoque is the one that might work best. The Cybertruck is supposed to be tough, but its off-road capabilities have yet to be seen. Combining it with the Range Rover's handling and endurance could make some kind of sense. But is it me, or does it look a little like a hearse?

These sharp-edged designs aren't quite how we imagined the future. We imagined things going the other way, with lines becoming more fluid. Perhaps that's testament to how Tesla is shaking things up – even if it seems to producing more glassware than cars.

Designers have been going wild imagining car concepts recently. Another leasing company designed a car that's a combination of every other car, while we've already seen Leasing Options use AI to bring old car designs back to life. At the same time, we've also seen plenty of successful car rebrands from real-life manufacturers.

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