What do you get if you combine every car on the road?

Omnia Novus mashup car of all cars
(Image credit: Hippo Leasing)

Ever wondered what the result would be if you combined the design of every car on the market into one vehicle? No, us neither, but we're intrigued by the proposal. A leasing company has decided to do just that, combining 250 current models to create 'the car of all cars.'

So what does this ultimate motoring mashup look like after merging the design features of vehicles from 32 different car brands? Well, take a look below. They've even created a logo for the brand using the same method (see our piece on how to design a logo for a more conventional approach to logo design).

Omnia Novus mashup car of all cars

The Omnia Novus concept was designed by overlaying images of 250 different cars (Image credit: Hippo Leasing)

What would a car look like if it was designed by taking the average shape of all other cars on the market? Like a SEAT Leon apparently. Hippo Leasing says it gathered 750 images of 250 popular cars (front, back and side) and layered them on top of each other from all angles at an opacity of 5%. That allowed them to identify "the most prominent features and define an average outline", in order to create a wireframe of what the 'car of all cars' would look like.

It chose the colour red after conducting an analysis of worldwide Google search data for 2022 (it found that “red car” was the most sought-after colour with an average monthly search volume of 135,000). And the name? For that, the company turned to Latin to find something that would reflect the design concept but also sound like something you might find on a car dealer's forecourt. The result was the Omnia (everything) Novus (new, modern, unprecedented).

Omnia Novus mashup car of all cars

The design process behind the Omnia Novus 'car of all cars' from the side (Image credit: Hippo Leasing)

They even created a badge for the car using the same method. The 250 cars used in the previous process were from 32 manufacturers, so they took the badge of each, layered them all on top of each other and drew lines around the most densely populated areas. We think it looks a little cartoony for a car logo, and maybe more like a logo for a gaming brand, or a 90s rave promoter, but at least it's better than the infamous new Kia logo.

Many people will say that car markers follow trends, resulting in the cars in any era looking kind of similar. The exercise appears to show that there's something in that. According to Google Lens, the car the Omnia Novus most looks like is a SEAT Leon, so is SEAT Leon 'The Car Of All Cars'?

"Car fanatics often have the same desire… 'I’d love to design my own car!' At Hippo Leasing, we’re the same. So, we wanted to make it real – but with a twist," the company says. It's been careful to add a disclaimer on its website: "This is a concept vehicle designed and created by Hippo Leasing and is not available for purchase or lease." Shame. We'll just have to make do with the best car rebrands.

For more ingenious design concepts, see the hilarious AR tool for the Hinge dating app. Fancy making your own mashup vehicle or other product? Check out the best prices on Adobe's Creative Cloud suite of apps below to get the software you need.

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