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Experts reveal the best times to post on social media

The best times to post on social media
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As a content creator, you've probably wondered when the best times to post on social media are. You need to send out your posts when you have as many engaged users as possible, and this number can fluctuate during the day. To imagine those optimum times, you could think about when you're most likely to check in on your phone – or you could take expert advice from social media gurus.

Given the amount of data analysis that's done by social media companies, this information is right at your fingertips but it is changing all the time. Luckily, Sprout Social has just released a brand new set of data, which will show you the perfect times to send out your posts on Facebook and Instagram. Check the infographic out below, then check out our pick of the best social media schedulers, so you can get scheduling and see our piece on how to make social media work for you.

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You can amplify your engagement by posting on the darker times on this Instagram-focused chart. As Sprout Social says, Tuesday 11am-2pm and Monday through Friday at 11 am are the best times to post (people are clearly distracting themselves from work), with the best day being Tuesday. But don't expect much from Sundays as folk are too busy doing other things.

The best times to post on social media

Facebook's worst day is Saturday (Image credit: Sprout Social)

And what about Facebook? Well, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 9am and 1pm are the busiest times on Facebook, with Saturday taking the crown of the worst day. Interested in more platforms? Check out the whole post, which includes LinkedIn and Twitter.

For more tips on upping your social media engagement, see our post outlining how to boost your Instagram engagement. Still not chosen which social media outlet is for you? Here's our guide to social media platforms.

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