This AI's inspirational posters are hilarious

It's hard to avoid toe-curlingly awful inspirational posters online. You know what we're talking about – the ones featuring a superficially deep and meaningful quote set against a photo of a mountain or a sunset or a mountain at sunset. Yeah, those. They're the reason why you should never add distant family members, or people you went to school with and haven't spoken to in years, on Facebook.

Here, though, is a source of inspirational posters that we can really get behind. InspiroBot, we're told, is is an AI dedicated to generating unique inspirational quotes for the endless enrichment of pointless human existence.

Makes you think, eh?

It's a joy to use. Simply head to the InspiroBot site, hit the Generate button and it'll make you a brand new and fab-looking inspirational image, complete with the sort of quote that your slightly racist second cousin would find deep and meaningful and would definitely get printed on a mug (yes, you can do that).


Such are InspiroBot's delights that it's terribly easy to just sit for ages, pressing the Generate button and enjoying the never-ending stream of fake pretentious nonsense. 

The little messages that Inspirobot comes up while it's generating images are also fantastic. Keep clicking – interesting stuff happens after a while!

Never keep clicking and sharing

Our only issue with it is that we suspect that it's not really the work of an AI. Or if it is, then someone's giving it a hand along the way. Some of the things it comes up with, along with the imagery and the typesetting, seem just a little too finely tuned to be the work of a computer.

Regardless, though, it's a splendid way to waste some time, and to find stuff to post on Facebook that'll really annoy people who don't get the joke. There's even an Instagram account with a wealth of its greatest hits to explore, too. Scroll through the gallery below for some of our favourites. Have fun!

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96% of so-called friends won't share this post
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This is a deep one
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Totes amaze
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Can't. Stop. Clicking
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saw this and thought of you love auntie jean xxx
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Guys, do you think the bot is ok?
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Share if you agree, like if you don't
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That's quite nice... I think
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New catchphrase alert!

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