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This font manager could be an iTunes for typography

Just like colours, images and drawing tools, the makers of cloud-based typography management site Fontyou believe that fonts are a powerful asset for creatives. However with an array of fonts overflowing out of studios, ranging from dynamic kinetic typography to web ready responsive typography, it can be hard for designers to navigate the sheer volume of type. 

Fontyou's interface has been designed to take the complexity out of font comparison for those who want to quickly choose a font for a project. Fontyou is described by its makers as "the iTunes of typography", which is a bold claim but there's no harm in reaching for the stars… 

After signing up to Fontyou and installing it onto you computer, users can test and compare fonts, create personal and shared lists of their favourite designs, and immediately upload new fonts their library.

On top of this, users will also have access to a quality font collection, as well as being free to trial them on creative softwares. Once you’ve found a design you like, you can purchase it from the Fontyou store with a few clicks and get designing.

Fontyou aims to be easy to use as well as offer the freedom that ties into the makers' belief that "typography is magic". There are many companies out there that are claiming to shake up the world of typography and make the process of discovering and purchasing easier, but Fontyou seems to be making a decent fist of it.