GoPro’s latest launch is a TikToker’s dream

GoPro Hero 12
(Image credit: GoPro)

GoPro has just dropped the Hero 12 Black, a compact camera perfect for both beginners and experts eager to capture their next viral moment. The latest instalment in the Hero series boasts a number of new features that make content creation even easier, and we have a feeling it could become a firm favourite among budding influencers.

Already popular with YouTubers and TikTokers, GoPro's newest release makes vlogging easier than ever, but also boasts some superior specs for the professionals. (If you're interested in starting your own social media journey, check out our collection of the best cameras for YouTube). 

Action shot of the GoPro Hero 12 in use

(Image credit: GoPro/Inverse)

The Hero 12 Black is seemingly optimised for content creation, featuring easy vertical video capture and seamless Bluetooth connection for wireless earbuds and mics. The Vertical Capture Mode allows users to film in 9:16 ratio, so your latest viral dance video can go straight to socials without the need to edit (and less editing means more time to perfect your moves). 

The camera also boasts 5.3K recording (91% more resolution than regular 4K, because 4K isn't high res enough apparently), meaning that even the most mundane content will have the crisp quality of a professional cinematographer. GoPro's signature HyperSmooth video stabilisation is also set to get even smoother, with HyperSmooth 6.0 cropping less of the sensor to allow for a wider field of view.

GoPro Hero Black 12

(Image credit: GoPro)

It seems like everyone is trying to hop on the influencer bandwagon, and this new release suggests it's not going to slow down any time soon. With various beginner-friendly camera modes and double the battery life of the last model, GoPro has made it even easier to vlog every last second of your life – I guess we know where to point the finger when the influencer invasion arrives.

But for the more advanced videographers who want to create beautiful and seamless videos easily, the camera features timecode synching, LUT compatibility and easily switchable lenses like the Max Lens Mod 2.0. With a 177-degree field of view, filming immersive content becomes both accessible and portable with the Hero's lightweight design. 

GoPro Hero Black 12 Kit

(Image credit: GoPro)

Releasing September 13, the new camera will retail for $399. Additionally, a specialist Creator Edition bundle will be available for $599.99, featuring extra accessories that could help you become the next Mr. Beast (maybe, no promises here). While internet influencer content isn't for me, I am excited to see how professional videography may be enhanced by this latest release. If you're after some more TikTok content, check out the McDonald's TikTok trend that had the internet shaken up.

See the deals on preordering the GoPro Hero12 we've found below:

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