Typography collages transform letters into buildings


Using just paper, scissors, and a lot of glue, Spanish collage artist and illustrator Lola Dupré' painstakingly makes experimental design work inspired by the Dada movement and new digital innovations.

Created by carefully layering tiny fragments from existing photographs, Dupré's distinctive images have graced the pages of magazines as well as appearing on the covers of Penguin books. In her latest series, a personal project involving typography, Dupré imagines unusual buildings shaped like letters of the alphabet.

The wood panel collages are said to explore the relationships between memory and reading, as well as the phenomena of precognitive interpretation of words and letters. This results in uncanny images that appear old and strangely familiar, even though you've never seen them before.

So far the series only goes up to the letter D, but you can keep up to date with Dupré's work on the recently started series by heading over to her Instagram page.

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Dupré's work is available to order from her site
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We look forward to seeing a whole alphabet of unusual buildings
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Who wouldn't want to live in such a distinctive structure?
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These images would look amazing on display inside regular shaped buildings