Behold, these brilliant poster designs for the Vagina Museum

A billboard of posters promoting The Vagina Museum
(Image credit: The Vagina Museum)

Ah, vaginas. Many of us have one, but have you ever taken a minute to celebrate them? The Vagina Museum in London is pushing to get everyone talking about them. And now with the museum's new location and promotional campaign, it's putting the vagina front and centre.

Seeing as it was International Women's Day just yesterday, it seems like the perfect time to talk about all things, err, vaginal. The museum is reopening in a brand new London location after having to shut during COVID. Now, ahead of the grand opening of the museum, vibrant posters have been popping up all over London – and we love them. Craving a museum fix but haven't had the chance to visit? Check out our roundup of the best online art galleries

A photo of the posters up for The Vagina Museum.

Which design is your favourite? (Image credit: The Vagina Museum)

There are 16 different designs in the campaign, and each has been created by artist Mirjami Qin. The collection features everything from yonic flowers to actual vaginas, in an attempt to break the stigma surrounding our lady parts. And if you love the designs as much as we do, then you'll be able to buy the posters on the museum's website.

Amy Fasey and Jacob Hellström, the senior creatives at the Vagina Museum, have said, “It’s been a pleasure to create some eye-catching vag-tastic work for the Vagina Museum again. Hopefully having vaginas (and words like clit and vulva) in the public realm will help tackle the stigma surrounding gynaecological anatomy as a whole, as well as continue the museum's mission of spreading knowledge, empowering womxn, and raising awareness of public health".

One of the posters up in London

We love how bold the designs are. (Image credit: The Vagina Museum)

I simply love the posters with their bold, fun and empowering designs and messages. They're the type of posters that'll make you stop and double-take in the middle of the street, and I'm already clearing space on my wall so I can have one of the designs up in my flat. 

The museum is set to open on the 19 March in its new location of Bethnal Green. If you're feeling inspired by all this poster talk and fancy designing your own, then make sure you check out our guide on how to download Photoshop and get creating. 

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