Visa's new logo has a clever hidden meaning

A photo of promotional Visa items
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Visa is one of those iconic brands, with its vibrant blue and yellow logo and instantly recognisable bold Myriad font that you could spot a mile off. However, the finance giant has recently collaborated with branding consultancy Mucho to come up with a new brandmark and brand symbol. 

The new look still focuses heavily on Visa's iconic blue and yellow colour scheme, however the colour palette has been updated slightly, with the new brandmark (or wordmark) now in a new typeface and 'new blue', which is clearly brighter than its predecessor. And the tricolour brand symbol are said to represent Visa's three purposes: access, equality and inclusion.

While at first glance it doesn't look like a lot has been changed, we can assure you there's more going on than meets the eye. If you're looking to give your brand a refresh with a new logo, then make sure you check out our 15 golden rules of logo design

The new Visa app icon

The new logo resembles an equals sign (Image credit: Visa)

Interestingly enough, the new logo is not obviously different to the old one, but it has some slight adjustments that make it special. The new logo has been altered to resemble a equals sign, to signify Visa's new company belief that "economies that include everyone everywhere, uplift everyone everywhere". 

Visa has said that it would like its rebrand to, "ensure it is seen as more than a credit card company". So with that in mind, it has created a cohesive set of illustrations, graphics, motions and even a new colour palette to help convey its message. 

The new Visa colour palette

We're a fan of this colour palette, especially of the orange... (Image credit: Visa)

While the change is subtle, we can appreciate that Visa has done a good job at freshening up its brand, whilst also making sure it's still instantly recognisable. There's maybe an argument for them having chosen something slightly more exciting, but it would be a bold move to step away from branding that everyone knows, and, as the old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Overall, we're in favour of the facelift, with the new branding in the context of bank statements and letters (see below) looking fresh, friendly and clean. 

A collection of letters with the new Visa brand

Getting letters from the bank wouldn't be so daunting if they all looked like these (Image credit: Visa)

We love a good rebrand here at Creative Bloq, and Visa's vibrant redesign is no exception. If you're currently working on your brand but are stuck for inspiration, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best branding books to help get you started. 

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