New iPhone 14 price rumour hints at exciting new features

iPhone 14 render
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It's only been four months since the iPhone 13 was released into the world, but, as usual, there are already a huge number of rumours and supposed leaks floating around about the next model. And the most recent suggests iPhone 14 models will be more expensive than the iPhone 13. 

Everyone knows that Apple products don't come cheap, so it's no real shock to think the iPhone 14 might be more expensive than its older sibling. And with so many supposed new features – 48mp camera and 2TB storage etc – being added to the upcoming smartphone, we can see why it's plausible that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max would cost more. Catch up with all the iPhone 14 so far to see what else might be headed its way. 

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Twitter user LeaksApplePro has revealed prices of the iPhone 14. However, as an unverified source, we can't be certain this is gospel. The information suggests the standard iPhone 14 will stay the same price at $799, but the iPhone 14 Pro price may start at $1,099, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max could be $1,199, which is a $100 dollar leap from the price of the iPhone 13 Pro models. 

If this is true, it may well be down to production costs rising, but we're hopeful it's actually because of some exciting new tech going into the model. According to several rumours, the iPhone 14 Pro may sport a new notchless body made from titanium, which will be the first in the iPhone family (the others are made with stainless steel). The iPhone 14 will more than likely be equipped with a brand new chip improving the tech specs of the phone. It may also have larger storage space for users reaching up to 2TB in memory which would rack the price up. 

A fanmade render of the iPhone 14

Could the iPhone 14 look like this? (Image credit: svetapple)

We aren't sure what to expect exactly from the iPhone 14 as it is early days, but the likes of MacRumours has suggested that it'll have the best iPhone camera yet with a 48MP sensor and the ability to shoot videos in 8K. Some even think that Touch ID will return with the 14 models, as well as finally adding a USB-C charging slot getting rid of the need to have separate chargers for all your different tech devices.

These are all just rumours at the moment, so we'll have to take them with a pinch of salt for now. In the meantime why not check out some of the best iPhone 13 deals available today. 

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