12 design trends to watch in 2022

A screenshot of a colourful 3D shape
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The past 12 months have been quite the rollercoaster. But while world events have been, let's say, a little messy, graphic design has kept on moving, with original and innovative designs being created every day. So what can we expect to see over the next year?

Adobe Stock has announced its 2022 trends predictions, and while some of the 12 different visual, design and motion trends came as no surprise (who would've thought that people want optimistic designs?), others we didn't see coming, like the 'Get Moving' trend based on using movement and rhythm to convey emotional connections. 

See all the trends in the video below, or read on for our highlights, and if these trends inspire you to get involved with Adobe's creative software, then don't miss our guide on how to get the best Adobe Creative Cloud discount

Another trend that we definitely were expecting to see in Adobe's report is Metaverse Mix. Every big brand is trying to find their way in to the metaverse at the moment (if you don't know what we're talking about, check out our guide to the metaverse or find out what Facebook, we mean Meta, has been up to). 

Adobe expects to see lots of creative campaigns, projects and designs looking to create "a bridge between the digital and physical worlds". What's exciting about the metaverse is that no one is certain what will be popular in the elusive digital world, so right now there is a lot of room to explore.

The graphic for the Prioritise the Planet trend

We're here for this one (Image credit: IKON Images/Jen Grantham Photography/Stocksy.)

On the other side of the spectrum, Adobe is predicting that nature, or New Naturalism' will also be a design trend frontrunner this year. "New Naturalism aesthetics are defined by their clean modernism and almost-clinical elevation of the organic", says Adobe. This goes hand-in-hand with its 'Prioritise the Planet' visual trend prediction, which is also inspired by sustainability and greener living.

Two graphics from the Adobe

Soft pop is coming soon to a design near you (Image credit: 3DJustincase/Aleksey.)

Other trends were a little bit more surprising. If you thought pastels had been left back in the '80s, think again, as Adobe believes that 'Soft Pop' will be making a glorious comeback this year. The playful, lighthearted cartoon designs and sweet colours in Soft Pop designs are sure to keep spirits high. We really like this trend as it's got bags full of character and is super-fun to not only look at, but to create as well – we just can't wait to see more of it out in the wild. 

We will have to wait and see if Adobe's predictions were correct, but in the meantime we're cheered by the thought of a vibrant, innovative and creative 2022. If you want to get in on the action and have a go and making your own designs to fit these trends, then you'll need the right tools. Why not check out our roundup of the best graphic design software to get you started?

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