We really want this PlayStation Portable concept

A close up of the PlayStation Portable
(Image credit: Andrea Gallarini/Nicola Pezzotti)

You may remember the PlayStation Portable (or PSP) released back in 2005 that took the gaming world by storm, but after the flop of the follow-up console, the PlayStation Vita, the PSP seemed to vanish off the face of the earth. But could the elusive console be making a glorious comeback sometime soon?

While it looks like the PSP 2022 is only a rumour at the moment, two designers have created a brand new concept for the console – and it looks amazing. Featuring an HD OLED screen, a wireless charging pad and a sleek new design, this PSP 2022 concept has left us feeling like we need a new PlayStation Portable as soon as possible. If you still haven't got your hands on the PlayStation 5 (because let's face it, it's been nearly impossible), then check out our guide on PS5 restocks.

The Playstation Portable 2022 concept design.

Sony, we hope you're taking notes (Image credit: Andrea Gallarini/Nicola Pezzotti)

Andrea Gallarini and Nicola Pezzotti, who designed the PSP concept, revealed on their Behance page, that their design was created to, "give value to Sony's aesthetic and stylistic heritage," and to include their own interpretation of "an object that has represented the history of the portable consoles".

We love how smart this console looks, and the fact that there is an option for gamers to use physical games, as well as downloaded ones, gives the console an extra sense of nostalgia. We also like that the console can charge wirelessly, however, we can't help but think that this concept for the wireless charger looks very clunky. The whole point of the PSP is how portable it is, but the wireless charger (see below) looks like it would just take up too much space. 

The concept for the PSP and wireless charging.

How portable is that wireless charger really? (Image credit: Andrea Gallarini/Nicola Pezzotti)

It seems as though users over on Behance were also impressed by the designs and many responded to the concept in the comment section. One user commented, "You've done a great job! So good," and another replied, "I really like the way the colours and details are mixed and the process of developing the project". 

We will have to wait and keep our fingers crossed that Sony chooses to release a next-gen PSP and that it's as cool as this one. In the meantime though, we will have to keep chasing that PS5 stock or treat ourselves to one of the other best games consoles on the market. 

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