Wonder Woman's getting a daughter – and she looks amazing

Young adult superheroes are having a moment, and we're about to get one of the biggest surprises yet. Wonder Woman is getting a daughter. Yes, really. The artist behind DC Comic's upcoming new series has teased a design for the character, and fans are already falling in love.

Writer Tom King and artist Daniel Sampere will introduce Trinity in an upcoming anniversary edition of DC Comics' Wonder Woman (issue 800) before developing her into a central character in a series to launch in September. And unsurprisingly, everyone's asking the same big question (see out character design tips if you're creating superheroes of your own).

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We've had no fewer than three Wonder Girls before, but these were protegés or sidekicks, not daughters. Trinity will be Wonder Woman's own flesh and blood (or maybe clay), and she looks quite distinct. Revealed by Sampere on Twitter, she's pictured in the future already a woman herself in long pants inspired by her mother's style and with three lassos, reflecting her name.

While Trinity will initially feature in a special issue #800 anniversary edition, she's apparently going to have a big role in the upcoming monthly Wonder Woman series, which will be relaunched in September. It sounds like her origin story will emerge over several editions, in which we'll also see her deal with the pressures and feelings of inadequacy that come with being the daughter of a superhero before she herself transitions to become the new Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman daughter Trinity

Wonder Woman's daughter, Trinity (Image credit: DC Comics / Daniel Sampere on Twitter)

Naturally, the question everyone's asking is, 'who's the father of Wonder Woman's daughter?'. Nothing is being given away yet, but the speculation among fans is intense. "Is that...Steve Trevor's hair color?", one person asked Sampere on Twitter. "We finally know what happened to Axel/Access from DC vs Marvel!," one person wrote. "Adopted or also made out of clay?" and "Birthed from Wonder Woman and Batman but raised by Superman honoring the Trinity?" were other queries.

The name is intriguing, with many seeing it as a fitting choice to round off the offspring of DC Comics' big three heroes. Superhero children were once usually the preserve of alternate universes, but they're becoming more of a staple feature in the main canons: Batman's son Damian Wayne appeared in 2006 and Superman was given a son, Jon Kent, in 2015.

Batman and Superman's sons

Damian Wayne and Jon Kent (Image credit: DC Comics)

In an interview with IGN, King said the idea for Woman Woman's daughter came from comic artist and regular collaborator Mitch Gerads, who speculated about who Batman and Superman's sons could babysit. King said the upcoming series will “show the readers how awesome Diana Prince is, how relevant she is to today’s world."

Wonder Woman daughter Trinity

Wonder Women, Princess Diana, with two Wonder Girls, Donna Troy and Cassandra Sandsmark on the cover of Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #186 (Image credit: DC Comics)

Wonder Woman #800 is due for release on 20 June and will feature stories from several creators. King and Sampere's Wonder Woman #1 will be out in September.

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