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Write like a novelist with this top word processing app

Most word processors are a real pain to write with – they aren't built to handle major projects like writing a novel. Scrivener is more than capable of it. In fact, it was built for it. You can get the program on sale for just $20 (approx £16).

Scrivener isn't your standard blank-page word processor waiting for your text. It comes fully equipped with the organisational tools required to take a story from your insider your head to right on the page. Build your novel every step of the way, from outlining to storyboarding and drafting. Plus, you can add notes and and keep research in tabs so you always have the information you need on demand.

Scrivener usually retails for $40, but you can save 50% off that price right now. That means you’ll pay just $20 (approx £16) for this great piece of software that any writer will love. Grab this deal today and get started telling your story!