Get inspired by the godfathers of photography

One of the youngest art forms, photgraphy draws influence from previous art movements and its own history

Although it seems like it's been with us forever, photography is one of the newest of all the art forms. As a discrete discipline photography is just over a century and a half old. So in comparison with art forms such as sculpture and painting, which can trace their origins to prehistoric times, it's a relative youngster.

Despite, or perhaps because of this youth, photography draws unashamedly upon the legacy of the masters within the other artistic disciplines. Consequently, the influence of most major art movements can be seen within the work of the most respected photographers.

As a nod to photography's brief but inspiring history, distance learning university iDesigni have followed up their brilliant Godfathers of Graphic Design video with this short tracing some of the Godfathers of Photography. Once more packed with insightful quotes and amazing work, it's a great way to get a burst of photographic inspiration:

And that's not all! We've got a series of exclusive articles from iDesigni coming your way on these important figures, looking at what they achieved, and how they brought the photography movement forward. So stay tuned to Creative Bloq!

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